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What's New

November: Congrats to Carlotta, Sarah, Connor and Brandon for publishing "Decarboxylative arylation of substituted pyrroles N-protected with 2-(trimethylsilyl)ethoxymethyl (SEM)" in the Canadian Journal of Chemistry.

November: Jennifer Melanson's paper, "Probing the hydrolytic reactivity of 2-difluoromethyl pyrroles" was featured in RSC's special web collection: CSC100: Celebrating Canadian Chemistry. Read more here.

November: Congratulations to Sarah on publishing her thesis work, "Synthesis and Characterization of Pyrrolyldipyrrin F-BODIPYs" with Photochemical and Photobological Science.

October: Congratulations to Roberto for receiving the Hugh Graeme Fraser Memorial Prize for his achievements in third year chemistry honours program.

September: Brandon's paper (co-authored with Dr. Cameron and Alison), "Deuteration and Tautomeric Reactivity of the 1-Methyl Functionality of Free-base Dipyrrins" was accepted for publication with the Journal of Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry.

September: Congratulations to Mike and Sarah for winning graduate student awards. Mike received the Ryan E. Lewis Prize and Sarah received the Gerry Dauphinee Graduate Scholarship in Chemistry.

August: Brandon, Connor, Mike, Roberto, Sarah and Sophie attended the annual Maritimes Natural Products Conference which was held in PEI this year. Connor, Mike and Sarah gave oral presentations and Roberto and Sophie gave a poster presentation.

June: Congratulations to Dr. Brandon Groves!! Brandon successfully defended his PhD thesis! Wishing you success and happiness in your future career.

June: Congratulations to Carlotta and Sarah for publishing in the Journal of Organic Chemistry: "Asymmetric dipyrrin and F-BODIPYs conjugated to terminal alkynes and alkenes"

June: Congratulations to Sarah for receiving the Dalhousie President's Teaching Assistant Award! Read more here.

May: Michael and Sarah attended the 100th CSC in Toronto, Michael gave a talk and Sarah presented a poster.

December: Congratulations to Luke and Min for a job well done on their Honors Presentations

November: Congratulations to Mike, Jen and Carlotta! The Thompson group published two papers in Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry: "Robust Synthesis of F-BODIPYs" and "Probing the Hydrolytic Reactivity of 2-Difluoromethyl Pyrroles"

October: Luke and Min won Dalhousie Undergraduate Student Awards. Luke won the Kenneth and Dorothy Hayes Memorial Prize and Min won the Canadian Society for Chemistry Silver Medal and both won the Norbert Wolter Memorial Scholarship.

September: Mike and Sarah both won Dalhousie Graduate Student Awards. Mike won The Douglas E. Ryan Prize and Sarah won the Anna Wilson Scholarship, both for excellence in chemistry graduate studies.

September: Welcome (back) to our new undergraduate honor students, Luke and Min.

August: The Thompson group attended the Maritimes Natural Product Conference, hosted at Dalhousie. Mike, Sarah and Carlotta gave oral presentations; Luke, Min and Ann presented a poster.

August: Ann, Brandon, Mike and Sarah travelled to PEI with the chemistry grad students to visit Biovectra.

August: Welcome to our new graduate student, Laura Cole.

July: Brandon's paper, "Thionation reactions of 2-pyrrole carboxylates" was published in RSC Advances. Way to go Brandon!

June: Jen attended the Dalhousie University 2016 Convocation and received her PhD degree!

June: Sarah, Ann, Luke and Min attended ChemCon 2016! Sarah presented her first poster.

June: All current members of the Thompson Group (Ann, Brandon, Carlotta, Elise, Luke, Mike, Min & Sarah) attended the 99th CSC Conference!

May: Welcome to our new summer undergraduate students: Ann Johnsen, Elise Aronitz, Luke Burke & Min Joon Kim!

March: Congrats to Dr. Jennifer Melanson for her new position as an Industrial PDF at Snieckus Innovations!

March: Shawna and Sam have successfully completed their DISP project. We wish you the best in your future endeavours!

March: Ola completed and submitted her Honors Thesis! Great Job Ola!

January: Congrats to Estelle on her new research position at Intellsyn! We wish you the best and you will be missed!

January: Welcome to our new DISP (Dalhousie Integrated Science Program) Students: Samuel Kaser and Shawna Dexter!

December: Congrats to Katie on her new research position at Paraza Pharma! All the best in the future!

December: Congrats to Jennifer for successfully defending her PhD thesis!

September: Welcome to Sarah Greening, our newest Masters candidate!

September: Welcome back to Estelle Neiger (Marchal)

August: Congrats to Katie for successfully defending her Master's thesis! Great job!!

August: Michael, Katie, Ola, Carlotta, Min and Olexiy attended the maritime natural products conference held in Saint John, NB. Katie gave an oral presentation and Carlotta presented a digital poster. Special congrats goes out to Carlotta, whose poster won an award!

July: Welcome to Clara Long, our newest undergraduate volunteer!

June: Brandon, Travis, Katie, Jenn, Carlotta and Alison attended CSC 2015 held in Ottawa, ON. Oral presentations were given by Travis, Jenn and Alison, and poster presentations were given by Brandon, Katie and Carlotta.

June: Alison received the Dalhousie University Undergraduate Chemistry Society Teaching Award for 2015, which the chemistry students of Dalhousie voted on. Congrats Alison!!!!

May: Welcome to our three summer students Ola Kajetanowicz, Min Kim and Olexiy Rusalovs'ky!!

April: Travis won the Dalhousie President's Graduate Teaching Award for 2015. Congrats Travis!!!

February: Congrats to Deb, whose work with the Jakeman group involving the conjugation of a BODIPY and a jadomycin was accepted for publication in JACS!

February: Welcome to Michael Beh, our new MSc student!

January: Welcome to Carlotta Figliola, our new post doc!

January: Estelle's paper on prodigiosene-estrogen conjugates was accepted for publication in the Canadian Journal of Chemistry! Congrats Estelle!

January: Congrats to Katie for presenting a successful seminar I

January: Congrats to Jenn for presenting a successful seminar II

January: Welcome to our four new DISP students (Dalhousie Integrated Science Program): Kelsey House, Katie Douglas, Jackson Sinclair and Alex Murphy!

November: Congratulations to Estelle and her partner Thibaut, whose wonderful baby boy Hugo was born this month!

November: Congratulations to Deb on her new research position for Cancer Research in the UK! Best of luck in your new adventure!