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Fun in the Sun

This year, the Thompson & Jakeman Group enjoyed some fun in the sun with a beach day, at Queensland Beach, NS.

Alison and David brought their 6 month old chocolate lab puppy.

Laura & Ann enjoyed some needed shade after hours in the sun.

No beach day is complete without making a sand castle! Here, Mike begins to build a wall to protect from the waves, while Brandon fills the first pail.

Luke inspects the wall, and starts to dig a trench, so water can flow away from the wall.

Here Ann, Luke & Min pose for the camera. The All Dressed chips must have been good, as Min is seen munching on them!

Other beach activities included playing Frisbee! Here, Sarah throws up her hands up after a bad throw, as Mike misses it.

Here, Sarah gets ready to throw the Frisbee.

Here, the Jakeman group (Ferrin, Jeanna & Stephanie) smile for the camera.

And lastly, here is Toby, Alison and David's lab puppy.