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Holiday Party 2012


Once again, the Jakeman and Thompson group met up for their annual Holiday Party.


The groups enjoyed a delicious salmon dinner and then the much-anticipated "secret santa" began.
As always, this event is very entertaining as the group members are quite competitive over anything involving chocolate!



Kitchen Party



The secret santa swap began with the youngest participant, who happily received an M&M dispenser!



The stealing of gifts began when Deborah decides she's quite fond of Andy's game set(Jakeman group).



Travis, Gaia (Jakeman group) and Brandon excitedly awaiting the unveiling of Gaia's find!



A very "valuable" secret santa swap item (this was traded a lot): 

reinbeer [play on "reindeer"]



Natasha ops for the reindeer instead of risking opening a new secret swap parcel (good choice!) Happy Holidays Everyone!!!!