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CSC 2011

Deb, Estelle, Cassandra, Brandon and Alison attended the 94th Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition (CSC) this July.

While at the conference, Brandon was able to attend the 3rd annual Chemical Crystallography Workshop (CCW)
where he learned valuable crystallography processing techniques.

Deb, Estelle, Cassandra and Brandon each posed in front of their posters:

Upper Left: Brandon Groves – Poster title: “Chiral Induction via the Disassemby of Diruthenium(II,III) Tetrabenzoate”
Upper Right: Cassandra Hawco – Poster title: “Porphyrin-Appended Prodigiosenes: Synthesis and Biological Evaluation”
Lower Left: Deborah Smithen – Poster title: “Isolation and Structure Determination of an Unusual Fused Bis(pyrrole) Skeleton”
Lower Right: Estelle Marchal – Poster title “Appended Prodigiosenes for Improved Targetting of Breast Cancer Cells”

Alison also gave a talk titled, “The Synthesis and Anti-Cancer Evaluation of Several Analogues
of the Tripyrrolic Natural Product Prodigiosin”.

Despite their busy conference schedules, the group members in attendance still found time to have some fun:

Deb and Estelle met up with past member Lloyd Tucker for a quick snack!

Lloyd and Estelle taking in the view of the city from the top of Mount Royal.