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August Conferences


Sarah attended the 23rd International Congress on Heterocyclic Chemistry held at the SECC in
Glasgow Scotland from July 31 to August 4, 2011 and presented a poster entitled "Synthesis and characterization
of a series of fluorescent pyrrolyldipyrrinato tin(IV) complexes." The lectures at the conference were excellent
and there were lots of opportunities to interact with scientists from around the world.


Imam attended the 3rd Annual Maritime Natural Products Research Conference at the University of New Brunswick.
From August 15th to August 17
th. This years theme was the emerging network of discovery of new therapeutics and novel
health products in the maritimes. Imam had the opportunity to present his work as a presentation titled An Efficient and Scalable Route
for the Synthesis of C-ring Functionalized Prodigiosenes. Imam enjoyed the research talks very much, especially
those related to different areas of research.


In this photo, left to right: Imam, David Jakeman (Dalhousie), Andrew Robertson (Jakeman Group, Dalhousie)