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Presentations in 2009

Our group members have been busy attending conferences and presenting
our research in 2009.

The 4th Banff Symposium on Organic Chemistry (BSOC) was held in the
beautiful Banff, Alberta in October. This conference highlighted graduate
student research in the field of synthetic, bioorganic, material and
organometallic chemistry. Heather presented a poster entitled "Towards
the Synthesis and Diastereoselective Complexation of Chiral Dipyrrinto
and Bis(Dipyrrinato) Ligands".

The poster session was on Hallowe’en and all the presenters dressed up,
which explains why Heather is shown wearing a hula skirt.

Heather (left) and her friend Laina Geary (University of Manitoba)
pose in front of the beautiful mountains.


Beth Pearce represented our group at the Maritime Natural Products
Conference in September
. The conference was aimed at academic and
government laboratories located in the Maritimes involved in natural products research.

Here Beth and her husband, Richard Pearce (representing an NRC-IMB Marine
Natural Products Laboratory),stand in front of the Conference site, the
NRC-INH in Charlottetown PEI.

Beth and Richard smile for the camera with the Conference facilitators, Russell and
 Stacey Kerr, who are both affiliated with the UPEI and NRC-INH. They are
enjoying a dinner and reception at the Lobster on the Wharf.

Above is the conference group picture on the last day. Because of the size of the conference,
 there were a lot of opportunities to meet everyone, and develop valuable relationships
with neighbours who work in the field.


Lauren was invited to attend the Rising Stars of Research National Undergraduate
Science & Engineering Research Poster Competition at UBC
in August. 107
students attended from Canada and Hong Kong.

Lauren proudly displays her poster at the competition.

Here is Lauren at the awards dinner (second from left).

The group enjoyed an excursion to Grouse Mountain. Lauren is in the front row, far left.


Imam and Lauren presented their posters at the IRM Annual General
Meeting and Research Day
in June.