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Beach Day 2009

Itís tradition for the Thompson and Jakeman groups to head to Rissers Beach every summer.
Each year we have a potluck on the beach and have a game of volleyball.
This year we started a new tradition involving a watermelon and a blind-fold!

The whole crew enjoys our delicious lunch!


On the left Dr. Jakeman, Imam and Srinath set up for the annual volleyball game.
On the right is an action shot of Heather and Carla playing Rae and Patricia.


On the right Imam explains his watermelon game to the group. As shown in the photos,
 the game involves blind-folding a person and having them smash a watermelon with a stick.
In the center, Alison and Imam blind-fold Dr. Jakeman. On the right Dr. Jakeman
searches for the watermelon! After the game we all enjoyed a slice!


Shown above is Imamís first time in the ocean! On the left he prepares
with his goggles, and on the right he jumps right in!