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Happy Holidays!

This winter we celebrated the season in style. Two of our favorite holiday events were the 
Dalhousie Annual Chemistry Ball and the Thompson-Jakeman Christmas Dinner. 

Shown above are the ladies of the Thompson group all dressed up at the Ball.


Here are a few photos of the girls at the ball. On the left Carla and Heather are all
smiles after enjoying a delicious meal. On the right, Carla, Beth and
Heather pose in their formal attire.


Dr. Thompson and Dr. Jakeman invite their research groups and their families for
a delicious Holiday dinner.


The best part of the party is the gift exchange. Shown from left to right are Heather
and her niece Ruby opening a gift, Alison laughing in delight as she unwraps her
present, Adeeb trying to convince Lana to give him her chocolates, and Rhonda and Steve
(from the Jakeman group) proudly displaying their toy bugs. Everyone went home with a
present, a full belly, and lots of holiday cheer!