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Fun with the CGSS!

One of the great parts of being a chemistry graduate student at Dalhousie is being a member of the
Chemistry Graduate Student Society (CGSS). The CGSS raises funds for students to go to conferences,
 as well as hosts social activities, and participates in intramural sports . This year, as always,
many of the members of the Thompson group are involved. Sarah is the treasurer, Heather is
head of fundraising, Carla is a member of the social and fundraising committees, and
the rest of the group are frequent participants in the CGSS events!    

Shown above are the some of the members of the chemistry softball team.
Carla, Beth and Heather all joined the team this summer.


Here are a few photos of Heather, Beth and Carla at the ball field. On the left Heather
swings away, in the center Beth and Carla are cheering on our team, and on the right Carla
runs hard as she rounds third base.  

One of the social events hosted by the CGSS was a brewery tour at Propeller, a local Brewery.
Here is a group shot of the graduate students and their guests. You can see Heather, Carla
and Beth in the crowd!


Another fun event hosted by the CGSS was the annual Halloween party, co-hosted with the
Dalhousie Undergraduate Student Society. The party includes food, drinks, games, and a
pumpkin carving contest. Shown above are Rhonda, Heather, Carla and Lana in their
Halloween costumes.


One of the ways the CGSS raises money is with bake sales. Shown above are Carla and Gavin (Boyd group)
selling our goodies. On the left Carla and Kelly (White group) proudly display the treats we made.