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AstraZeneca Chemistry Symposium

Alison Thompson was the recipient of the 2006 AstraZeneca Award in Chemistry,
and was invited to speak at a symposium in Montreal to discuss our research in
October 2008.  Adeeb Al-Sheikh Ali, Sarah Bennett, and Beth Pearce joined her to
present their own work. 

Here is the group at the conference; from left to right, Alison, Beth, Sarah, and Adeeb.

Here we are celebrating after the conference with a lovely dinner.

After the conference we were delighted to take a small tour of Montreal, and
it was so beautiful.  Here we are in front of a lovely painting on the side of a building.

Further along in our adventures, we found a store just right for Sarah,
Adeeb relaxes by a lamp post in Old Montreal, and Beth shops till she drops on St. Catherine’s.
Would we go back in an instant? OUI!