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Congratulations Tabitha!

Dr. Tabitha Wood graduated with a
Ph.D. in Chemistry at the May 2007
Dalhousie University Convocation.
Tabitha was presented with her degree scroll
by Dr. Steve Mockford, who is her uncle
and a fellow Dalhousie University graduate.

Tabitha and her Dalhousie lab-mates.
Left-to-right: Tabitha Wood, Cory Beshara,
Adeeb Al-Sheikh Ali, Rosa Saez Diaz,
and Jose Garabatos Perera. Erin Chapman and
Alison Thompson missed convocation because
they were attending the CSC conference in
Winnipeg (Tabitha’s home town!).

Dr. Cory Beshara and Dr. Tabitha Wood:
the two Thompson group Ph.D. graduates so far!
The Dalhousie University Department of Chemistry holds a
convocation reception for graduates and their families,
hence all the robes and smiles in the background.