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Congratulations Tabitha!

Tabitha Wood was recently awarded the inaugural
Dalhousie University Award for Outstanding Peer Advisor.

Adeeb Al-Sheikh (another graduate student in the Thompson lab)
wrote a letter of nomination for Tabitha, with letters of support
coming from Yousef Alattar, Jack Lan and Andrei Komorowsky
(all volunteers in the Thompson lab). All were thoroughly
mpressed by Tabitha’s commitment to helping and inspiring
others – the judges must have been too!

There was an award reception: here is Tabitha listening to nice
words being said about her, including “We honour Tabitha...”

The award is a solid glass inscribed column from
Nova Scotian Crystal.

Tabitha with her fan club (Jasmine Regourd, Cory Beshara,
Tabitha Wood, Alison Thompson,
Adeeb Al-Sheikh).
The reception was held in the Sculpture Court at the
Dalhousie University Arts Centre.

Tabitha (and the award) with Brad.

Photographs courtesy of Brad Wile.