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Rissers 2005

August 2005 saw our second annual group trip to
Rissers Beach Provincial Park.

Once again the weather was kind to us – blue sky and sunshine
all day long. This year, the Thompson crew was slightly more
savvy with respect to the burning capability of the sun’s rays
and so liberal amounts of sun-screen, beach dresses and
T-shirts were used.

We played volleyball (once per year is enough
for most of us), kayaked, splashed, swam, made sand-pies,
walked the beach and had a picnic. Cory had so much
fun he lost his glasses in the sea whilst enthusiastically
diving into the lovely warm water (they were later
found – safe and in one piece).

Tabitha’s turtle – destined for the sea.

Adeeb and his family enjoying the beach, the sea and the nap opportunity.

Ali fancies his chances at kayaking.

Erin soaks up the rays as Jasmine and Charles discuss
heterocyclic chemistry in the background.

A good day was had – we went home tired but happy!

Photographs courtesy of Tabitha Wood and Brad Wile.