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Christmas Party 2005

The Thompson and Jakeman groups joined forces for the
annual roast potatoes/nut roast etc.

Chocolate cheesecake and sticky date pudding with toffee sauce for dessert – not much left on those plates!

Tabitha and Brad; Charles and Jasmine

This year, the little tree was elevated to greater
heights with a little help from a music stand,

(Canadian) duct-tape and some boughs.

The gift giving and stealing was as popular as ever,
with the thumb-wrestling ring being the
most fought after item – Jasmine
went home the lucky recipient.

Adeeb and David show off their modeling skills with one
of the other gifts; Adeeb will no doubt be looking forward
to being warm and cosy in these items this winter!

Shannon, Erin and Kathy after dinner; Jasmine completes the
Rubik’s cube in 17.3 seconds (or thereabouts).

Photographs courtesy of Tabitha Wood and Brad Wile.