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Day-trip to Rissers Beach



In August 2004, we went to Rissers Beach Provincial Park for a day-trip.

The park has fantastic sandy beaches, board-walks, an in-land marsh and an interpretive centre. The weather was very good to us brilliant sunshine and so we spent the entire day on the beach. A pot-luck lunch was very well received after a spot of sunbathing and swimming in the ocean. In the afternoon, we held the unofficial DalChem Olympics, played volleyball and boules, swam, body-surfed, sunbathed again and went home in the evening tired, happy and burnt to crisps.

The Olympics in action!
Ian and
Yousef made a sprinting
start to the three-legged race,
leaving the other teams waddling

The winning team gambol across the
finish line before the others have
reached the half-way mark!
The coordination and team-work
shown was truly remarkable.


The egg-and-spoon relay was next. It was unclear whether there were any thumbs touching eggs, but the best team certainly won!
Then it was volleyball - the real culprit of the red "glow" that emerged that evening. 
Erin and Tabitha proved themselves to be the boules champions - the delicate touch!
There was lots of swimming and splashing in the ocean. The water was lovely and warm
 and the waves perfect for jumping and body surfing.

The Summer 2004 Thompson group at the end of the day.
Any sign of that red glow??

Photographs courtesy of David Jakeman.