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Ribbon-cutting Ceremony to Open to the NEW LAB

Our newly renovated and equipped research lab was officially opened on October 31st 2003 by Dr. Dan Wayner (Director General, National Research Council of Canada, Steacie Institute for Molecular Sciences, Ottawa, Dalhousie 2003 Carl C. Coffin Lecturer).  The ribbon-cutting ceremony was well attended, possibly due to the home-made cakes and snacks courtesy of Cory Beshara, Kyle Cameron, Erin Power and Tabitha Wood.

Dan Wayner cuts the ribbon, officially opening our new lab,
with Russ Boyd (Departmental Chair),
Gail Power (Departmental Administrator) and the

 Thompson Group observing.

The Thompson Group at the ribbon-cutting ceremony.
  Left to right: Cheryl Carson, Kyle Cameron, Erin Power,
Philip Mortimer, Tabitha Wood, Cory Beshara,
Alison Thompson and Rod Burley.

Photos of the New Lab

Funds from the Canada Foundation for Innovation,
the Nova Scotia Research Innovation Trust  and

Dalhousie University facilitated the renovations and
equipment purchases.

Photographs courtesy of Felix Lee.